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 Airport Codes:
  Airport Codes
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Yakataga, AK [Yakataga Airport], USA CYT
Yakima, WA [Yakima Air Terminal], USA YKM
Yakima, WA [Yakima Firing Center Army Air Field], USA FCT
Yakutat, AK [Yakutat Airport], USA YAK
Yankton, SD [Chan Gurney Municipal Airport], USA YKN
Yerington, NV [Yerington Municipal Airport], USA EYR
Yes Bay, AK [Yes Bay Lodge Seaplane Base], USA WYB
York, NE [York Municipal Airport], USA JYR
York, PA [York Airport], USA THV
Yosemite Park, CA, USA OYS
Youngstown, OH [Youngstown/Warren Regional Airport], USA YNG
Yucca Flats, NV, USA UCC
Yuma Proving Ground (Yuma), AZ [Laguna Army Air Field], USA LGF
Yuma, AZ [Yuma International Airport], USA YUM
Yuma, AZ [Yuma Marina Corps Air Station], USA NYL
Zachar Bay, AK [Zachar Bay Seaplane Base], USA KZB
Zanesville, OH [Zanesville Municipal Airport], USA ZZV
Zephyrhills, FL [Zephyrhills Municipal Airport], USA ZPH
Zuni Pueblo, NM [Black Rock Airport], USA ZUN

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