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  Airport Codes
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Fairbanks, AK [Eielson Air Force Base], USA EIL
Fairbanks, AK [Fairbanks International Airport], USA FAI
Fairbanks, AK [Metro Field], USA MTX
Fairbanks, AK [Phillips Airport], USA PII
Fairbanks/Fort Wainwright, AK USA FBK
Fairbury, NE [Fairbury Municipal Airport], USA FBY
Fairfield, CA [Travis Air Force Base], USA SUU
Fairfield, IA [Fairfield Municipal Airport], USA FFL
Fairfield, IL [Fairfield Municipal Airport], USA FWC
Fairmont, MN [Fairmont Municipal Airport], USA FRM
Fairmont, NE [Fairmont State Airfield], USA FMZ
Fall River, MA, USA FLR
Fallon, NV [Fallon Municipal Airport], USA FLX
Fallon, NV [Fallon Naval Air Station (Van Voorhis Field)], USA NFL
Falls Bay, AK, USA FLJ
Falls City, NE [Brenner Field], USA FNB
Falmouth, MA [Otis Army National Guard Base], USA FMH
False Island, AK [False Island Seaplane Base], USA FAK
False Pass, AK [False Pass Airport], USA KFP
Farewell Lake, AK [Farewell Lake Seaplane Base], USA FKK
Farewell Lake, AK [Tin Creek Airport], USA TNW
Farewell, AK [Farewell Airport], USA FWL
Fargo, ND [Hector International Airport], USA FAR
Faribault, MN [Faribault Municipal Airport], USA FBL
Farmingdale, Long Island, NY [Republic Airport], USA FRG
Farmington, MO [Farmington Regional Airport], USA FAM
Farmington, NM [Four Corners Regional Airport], USA FMN
Farmville, VA [Farmville Regional Airport], USA FVX
Fayetteville, AR [Drake Field], USA FYV
Fayetteville, NC [Fayetteville Regional/Grannis Field Airport], USA FAY
Fayetteville, NC [Pope Air Force Base], USA POB
Fayetteville, TN [Fayetteville Municipal Airport], USA FYM
Fentress, VA [Fentress Naval Auxiliary Landing Field], USA NFE
Fergus Falls, MN [Fergus Falls Municipal/Einar Mickelson Field], USA FFM
Festus, MO [Festus Memorial Airport], USA FES
Fillmore, UT [Fillmore Airport], USA FIL
Fin Creek, AK, USA FNK
Findlay, OH [Findlay Airport], USA FDY
Fire Cove, AK, USA FIC
Fishers Island, NY [Elizabeth Field], USA FID
Fitchburg, MA [Fitchburg Municipal Airport], USA FIT
Fitiuta Village, American Samoa [Fitiuta Airport], USA FAQ
Fitzgerald, GA [Fitzgerald Municipal Airport], USA FZG
Five Fingers, AK [Five Fingers Coast Guard Heliport], USA FIV
Five Mile, AK [Five Mile Airport], USA FMC
Flagstaff, AZ [Flagstaff Pulliam Airport], USA FLG
Flat, AK [Flat Airport], USA FLT
Flaxman, AK, USA FXM
Flemingsburg, KY [Fleming-Mason Airport], USA FGX
Flint, MI [Bishop International Airport], USA FNT
Flippin, AR [Marion County Regional Airport], USA FLP
Flora, IL [Flora Municipal Airport], USA FOA
Florence, SC [Florence Regional Airport], USA FLO
Foley, AL [Barin Naval Outlying Field], USA NBJ
Foley, AL [Foley Municipal Airport], USA NHX
Fond du Lac, WI [Fond du Lac County Airport], USA FLD
Forest City, IA [Forest City Municipal Airport], USA FXY
Forest Park, GA, USA FOP
Forrest City, AR [Forrest City Municipal Airport], USA FCY
Fort Belvoir, VA [Davison Army Air Field], USA DAA
Fort Benning (Columbus), GA [Lawson Army Air Field], USA LSF
Fort Benning (Columbus), GA [Lawson Army Air Field], USA QFE
Fort Bliss (El Paso), TX [Biggs Army Air Field], USA BIF
Fort Bragg, CA [Fort Bragg Airport], USA FOB
Fort Bragg, NC [Simmons Army Air Field], USA FBG
Fort Bridger, WY [Fort Bridger Airport], USA FBR
Fort Campbell (Clarksville), TN [Sabre Army Heliport], USA EOD
Fort Campbell (Hopkinsville), KY, USA HOP
Fort Chaffee, AR [Arrowhead Assault Strip Airport], USA AZU
Fort Chaffee, AR [Chaffee Army Air Field], USA CCA
Fort Collins/Loveland, CO [Fort Collins Bus Station], USA QWF
Fort Collins/Loveland, CO [Ft. Collins/Loveland Municipal Airport], USA FNL
Fort Collins/Loveland, CO [Loveland Bus Station], USA QWH
Fort Dodge, IA [Fort Dodge Regional Airport], USA FOD
Fort Eustis, VA [Felker Army Air Field], USA FAF
Fort Frederick, AK, USA PFD
Fort Hood (Killeen), TX [Hood Army Air Field], USA HLR
Fort Hood (Killeen), TX [Robert Gray Army Air Field], USA GRK
Fort Huachuca/Sierra Vista, AZ [Sierra Vista Municipal/Libby AAF Airport], USA FHU
Fort Hunter/Liggett/Jolon, CA [Tusi Army Heliport], USA HGT
Fort Indiantown Gap (Anvle), PA [Muir Army Air Field], USA MUI
Fort Irwin/Barstow, CA USA BYS
Fort Jefferson (Dry Tortugas National Park), FL USA RBN
Fort Knox, KY [Godman Army Air Field], USA FTK
Fort Lauderdale, FL [Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport], USA FXE
Fort Lauderdale, FL [Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood International Airport], USA FLL
Fort Leavenworth, KS [Sherman AAF Airport], USA FLV
Fort Leonard Wood, MO [Waynesville Regional Airport at Forney Field], USA TBN
Fort Lewis (Tacoma), WA [Gray Army Air Field], USA GRF
Fort Madison, IA [Fort Madison Municipal Airport], USA FMS
Fort Madison, IA [Fort Madison Municipal Airport], USA FSW
Fort Meade (Odenton), MD [Tipton Army Air Field], USA FME
Fort Myers, FL [Page Field], USA FMY
Fort Myers, FL [Southwest Florida International Airport], USA RSW
Fort Pierce, FL [St. Lucie County Int'l Airport], USA FPR
Fort Polk, LA [Polk Army Air Field], USA POE
Fort Richardson (Anchorage), AK [Heliport], USA FRN
Fort Riley (Junction City), KS, USA FRI
Fort Rucker (Ozark), AL [Cairns Army Air Field], USA OZR
Fort Rucker/Ozark, AL [Hanchey Army Heliport], USA HEY
Fort Rucker/Ozark, AL [Lowe Army Heliport], USA LOR
Fort Scott, KS [Fort Scott Municipal Airport], USA FSK
Fort Sheridan, IL, USA FSN
Fort Sill, OK [Henry Post Army Air Field], USA FSI
Fort Smith, AR [Fort Smith Regional Airport], USA FSM
Fort Stockton, TX [Fort Stockton/Pecos County Airport], USA FST
Fort Sumner, NM [Fort Sumner Municipal Airport], USA FSU
Fort Walton Beach (Valparaiso), FL USA VPS
Fort Washington, Maryland, USA QFW
Fort Wayne, IN [Fort Wayne International Airport], USA FWA
Fort Wayne, IN [Smith Field], USA SMD
Fort Worth, TX [Carswell Air Force Base], USA FWH
Fort Worth, TX [Fort Worth Alliance Airport], USA AFW
Fort Worth, TX [Fort Worth Meacham International Airport], USA FTW
Fort Worth, TX [Fort Worth Spinks Airport], USA FWS
Fort Worth, TX [Greater Southwest Airport / American Airlines Flight Academy], USA GSW
Fort Yukon, AK [Fort Yukon Airport], USA FYU
Fort Zucker/Ozark, AL [Knox Army Heliport], USA FHK
Fortuna Ledge, AK, USA FTL
Fortuna, CA [Rohnerville Airport], USA FOT
Fosston, MN [Fosston Municipal Airport], USA FSE
Fostoria, OH [Fostoria Metro Airport], USA FZI
Franconia, NH, USA ZFO
Frankfort, IN [Frankfort Municipal Airport], USA FKR
Frankfort, KY [Capital City Airport], USA FFT
Franklin, PA [Venango Regional Airport / Chess Lamberton Field], USA FKL
Franklin, VA [Franklin Municipal/John Beverly Rose Airport], USA FKN
Frederick, MD [Frederick Municipal Airport], USA FDK
Frederick, OK [Frederick Municipal Airport], USA FDR
Fredericksburg, VA [Shannon Airport], USA EZF
Freeport, IL [Albertus Airport], USA FEP
Fremont, NE [Fremont Municipal Airport], USA FET
French Lick, IN [French Lick Municipal Airport], USA FRH
Frenchville, ME [Northern Aroostook Regional Airport], USA FVE
Frenchville, ME [Northern Aroostook Regional Airport], USA WFK
Fresh Water Bay, AK, USA FRP
Fresno, CA [Fresno Yosemite International Airport], USA FAT
Fresno, CA [Fresno-Chandler Downtown Airport], USA FCH
Friday Harbor, WA [Friday Harbor Airport], USA FHR
Friday Harbor, WA [Friday Harbor Airport], USA FRD
Friendly, MD [Potomac Airfield Airport] USA VKX
Frisco, TX [Frisco Airport], USA DDJ
Front Royal, VA [Front Royal-Warren County Airport], USA FRR
Fryeburg, ME [Eastern Slopes Regional Airport], USA FRY
Fryeburg, ME [Eastern Slopes Regional Airport], USA IZG
Ft. Lauderdale, FL [Ft. Lauderdale Railway Station], USA ZFT
Fullerton, CA [Fullerton Municipal Airport], USA FUL
Fulton, MO [Elton Hensley Memorial Airport], USA FTT
Fulton, NY [Oswego County Airport], USA FZY
Funter Bay, AK [Funter Bay Seaplane Base], USA FNR

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